Pending Investigations

The United States v. Eric Jacobsen, MD, EDNY

We were just retained to conduct the defense investigations for the alleged “Pill Doctor” case in which the doctor supposedly prescribed narcotics to Laffer and his wife (Laffer pleaded guilty to murdering four individuals in a Patchogue, NY pharmacy.

People of the State of South Carolina v. William Butts, Jr.

Butts was convicted last year after a trial of three armed robberies of a Citgo Quik Mart in Simpsonville, SC. He was sentenced to 20 years. To date or investigation reveals that Butts is disqualified as the robber because the video analysis shows the robber to be 5’8″ to 5’9″ and Butts is 6’1″.

This appears to be the first case wherein video analysis was performed to determine the actual height of a suspect.

People of the State of New York v. Carlos Sanchez

The firm has been retained by The James Mintz Group to assist the Innocence Project in solving a 1992 homicide of a young woman, which occurred in West Hampton Beach, Long Island, NY.

Our role is to surreptitiously gather DNA samples from five alternate suspects.